3 Tech Tools Every Doctor Needs

Transform Healthcare With Technology

As a physician, you know the importance of technology. When you’ve got the latest tools and equipment within arm’s reach, patients receive efficient care and you maintain absolute productivity. Without innovative materials to streamline mundane processes, physicians and medical residents end up working harder (and longer) than they already do.

Below, we’ve listed three tech tools that are absolutely necessary for busy doctors who have little time to spare. Check out our recommendations and see which one would provide the most assistance for your hectic lifestyle.

Tool 1: dotScribe

Simplify your job and save time with the advanced technology of dotScribe, the scribe based on dotphrases. With this system, you can instantly access top medical resources, superior note-taking templates, and easy-to-use charting processes.

Diagnose and treat your patients faster with this essential information and time-saving technology. With dotScribe you can eliminate busy work and prioritize patient care with one unique, all-encompassing system. It won’t take long to see why this software is second to none.

Hate your EHR? No problem. dotScribe is the ideal EHR companion. You can access it anywhere, anytime, from any computer. For residents and doctors who are tired of charting for hours on end, dotScribe is the technology you’ve been looking for. Avoid searching through multiple medical resources. Eliminate staying late to log notes. Take back your time, and add innovation to your lengthy shifts, with the advanced capabilities of this easy-to-use app.

You’ve got enough on your plate—it’s time to let dotScribe do the heavy lifting. It’s designed by medical professionals, for medical professionals. Try it here.

Tool 2: Bluetooth Stethoscope

User-friendly. Lightweight. Accurate.

A new wave of stethoscopes has arrived and once you use this top-of-the-line technology, you’ll wonder how you ever went through life without it. Durable and easy-to-use, with maximum auscultation and ambient noise reduction, Bluetooth stethoscopes allow you to hear everything you need to hear.

Bluetooth stethoscopes are a critical innovation that benefits nearly everyone in the medical field. Physicians and doctors around the world can immediately visualize, hear, and share the results of an assessment taken with Bluetooth technology.

Medical personnel who utilize these advanced stethoscopes can:

  • Amplify auscultation and reduce ambient noise

  • Utilize AI-assisted arrhythmia detection

  • Record and share rhythms for evaluation and telemedicine

  • Pair with speakers for auscultation teaching and education

  • Auscultate remotely

Tool 3: Infrared Thermometer

Long gone are the days of getting your temperature taken with an oral thermometer. Infrared thermometers have become the go-to for medical professionals worldwide. Pre-Covid, these tools were used to assess the temps of squirming children and babies. Post-Covid, they’re an essential component of implementing health and safety protocols.

In addition to saving time, infrared thermometers help doctors maintain efficiency:

  • Light-weight, easy to carry

  • Practical tool for each patient

  • Helps evaluate moving objects

  • Stores critical temperatures

  • Operates from a distance

Take Advantage of Technology With dotScribe

Advanced systems made especially for physicians are hard to come by. Fortunately, dotScribe and our other top tech tools will help you maximize performance and prevent you from wasting time with mundane tasks. Make your life easier. Utilize time-saving software and advanced technology designed specifically for life as a medical professional.

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