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Get the NEW version of dotScribe + AI October 16, 2023

Simplify Medicine.
Chart Faster.
Save Time.

Get medical writing and decision-making suggestions anywhere you type.
Your new personal scribe and AI assistant works in all desktop apps and EHRs.

No credit card required.

Take Your Phrases With You

The new way to practice medicine

All your
medical resources
in one simple app

dotScribe suggests thousands of customizable medical templates, diagnostic tools, trusted websites, patient education resources, online reference videos, calculators, and more while you type.

dotScribe works where you do

ultimate companion
to any EHR

Our cloud-based software provides direct access to dotScribe from any location and can place content into any EHR with a keystroke. Now your templates can go with you everywhere. 

Predictive Chating

Medical autocomplete, suggestions, and formulary

Effortless medical spelling 

Our AI suggests common terms, medications, and medical acronyms as you type. Create better notes faster with dotScribe.

Dedicated Web Search

Instantly review differentials and order sets with a dotphrase.

Access everything while you type

Jump directly to your favorite reference websites without leaving your EHR. dotScribe links are 4 times faster than searching on a browser. 


Everything you need to practice medicine, your way. 

No obligation or credit card required.

Free Trial
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