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About Us

The first spark of dotScribe emerged not in a tech lab or corporate office, but amidst the rigors of medical school. As a medical student transitioning from classroom to clinical rotations, I found myself struggling to recall the massive amount of medical information I was supposed to know during real-time patient encounters. That desire for information at my fingertips stayed with me and would later lay the foundation for dotScribe.

During residency, the pressures intensified. The relentless cycle of late-night charting and the weight of patient care responsibilities led me to experience early burnout, a sentiment echoed by many across the medical profession. But this wasn't just a personal struggle; it was emblematic of a larger systemic issue plaguing all medical professionals. Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, techs, assistants, scribes - virtually all medical staff are overwhelmed by today's demands for patient care. 

Enter dotScribe: conceived in adversity, refined by experience, and tailored for you.

In a world where medical professionals are constrained by EMRs and inundated with endless administrative tasks, dotScribe emerges as the lifeline we've all been looking for. It's not just software. It's an extension of your thought process, suggesting medical templates, presenting relevant medical information, and guiding you to pertinent websites as you type. All within a portable and secure desktop app compatible with any EMR.

Unlike AI listening software, which raises concerns about recording private patient conversations, dotScribe's design respects patient-doctor confidentiality. Our primary goal is to elevate the quality of care you provide, without compromising the privacy between you and your patients.

What sets dotScribe apart is its birthplace. It originates from the heart of medicine. As a physician-led venture, we're intimately familiar with the needs and demands of the profession. We're not just offering a tool; we're providing a solution, curated through personal experience and crafted with you in mind.

Imagine a world where your medical acumen is seamlessly complemented by technology. A world where administrative burdens don't engulf your time or interfere with patient care. A world where you control your content and are free to use it anywhere, in any EMR. That's the world dotScribe aspires to create.  

So, whether you're a budding student, a resident navigating the intense corridors of a hospital, fresh into practice, or a seasoned professional, dotScribe is for you. Sign up now to experience the blend of technology and medicine designed to maximize patient care and improve practitioner well-being. We invite you to join our journey, share your insights, and together, let's redefine the practice of medicine.


Dr. Aaron Barrett, MD
Founder & CEO, dotScribe

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