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About Us

Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners are increasingly overwhelmed with administrative tasks and computer work. Navigating overly complex EHRs, responding to a constant influx of messages, and writing notes as legal documents is just a part of it. Every day we're responsible for more tasks and much of the current "technology" in medicine is paradoxically adding to our burdens.

We've developed dotScribe to be an elegant solution to your complex problems. dotScribe simplifies medicine by suggesting top-ranked medical information and resources while you type. It's fast, easy to use, and can help clinicians and students take better care of their patients and themselves.

We're a physician-led company with the potential of revolutionizing how physicians, NPs, and PAs accomplish notes, tasks, and patient care. We invite like-minded students, residents, and clinicians to help extend the reach of our mission - to save you time and simplify the practice of medicine. Imagine spending less time on the computer! What would you do with all that time?

If you are a practicing or student physician, PA, or NP, I encourage you to try dotScribe to increase your autonomy, decrease your work-related stress, and enjoy practicing medicine more. We'll need your feedback to help us solve your charting problems and make your life easier. As we've all experienced, these solutions won't come from nonmedical engineers or government programs.

dotScribe will help us save time and take better care for our patients. We are actively growing and developing our software to make your experience flawless. Join us and download dotScribe today!

Happy Charting,

(no longer an oxymoron)

Aaron Barrett, MD
Founder & CEO, dotScribe

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