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Physician Burnout is a Systemic Issue that Needs Attention, NOW.

Physicians and medical practitioners lead incredibly busy lives. Every day, they’re tasked with providing excellent care to their patients while dealing with an increasing and overwhelming number of administrative requirements.

As we all know, this can lead to physician burnout, which has a range of serious consequences for the individuals involved and the healthcare system at large.

According to the American Medical Association:

  • 79% of medical practitioners report administrative burdens and charting as the #1 problem in medicine

  • 78% of medical practitioners report experiencing burnout

  • Average of 86 minutes per day spent on charting outside of work

  • 56% of medical practitioners report burnout due to increased administrative burdens and charting

Fortunately, there’s something that can be done about it—dotScribe can help fight physician burnout by giving clinicians the tools they need to save time and simplify the practice of medicine.

Physician burnout is characterized by feelings of exhaustion, detachment from one’s job, and a sense of being overwhelmed. Most physicians in the United States experience burnout at some point during their careers. This is a massive, systemic problem because when physicians are burned out, they may not be able to provide their patients with the best possible care—not only due to fatigue but also because they may become less engaged in their work or even make medical errors due to exhaustion or frustration.

For medical practitioners who are feeling overwhelmed by administrative tasks such as charting and note-taking, dotScribe can make life much easier. dotScribe's cloud-based platform allows clinicians to instantly access medical information, note templates, and resources from any device where typing is possible—all without having to leave the patient’s side. Not only does this mean that clinicians can get more done in less time, but it also means that they can spend more time actually interacting with their patients instead of trying to keep up with paperwork. In addition, dotScribe makes it easy for clinicians to access all their templates from one central location so that everything is organized and easily searchable. Using dotScribe helps medical practitioners save time on administrative tasks like charting while still providing excellent care for their patients.

Physician burnout is a serious issue with far-reaching implications for both individual doctors and society as a whole. This problem will need multiple systemic solutions, many of which will require the cooperation of both hospital systems and politicians. Until then, dotScribe continues to be the best way to help medical practitioners relieve and prevent burnout.


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