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Clinicians are burned out.
We've been there.

That's why we created dotScribe.

No credit card required.

Students & Residents can get dotScribe AI for up to 6 months FREE!
Sign up with your .edu email account.  Limited-time promotion.

your time  

Complete a 500 word note in less than 10% of the typing time. 
dotScribe users save up to two hours of computer time per day. 

View our pricing page


View our pricing page

Bill higher

You've earned it.

Predictive Chating

View our pricing page

Ease your burden.
Elevate your care.

Rapid links to patient education from trusted resources
After visit summaries
Emergency discharge summaries


Upgrade to dotScribe AI 

Summarize long & complicated notes, create patient messages & summaries, translate patient instructions, answer research questions, and much more - without leaving your EHR.

Free trial includes a maximum of 5 AI GPT outputs per day.

Dedicated Web Search

Everything you need to practice medicine, your way. 

No obligation or credit card required.

Free Trial
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